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In 2021 DIF Soldiers Project will for the third time host the cycling event: Ride4Rehab 

In DIF Soldiers Project we want to assist with the rehabilitation of veterans through the communities around them as well as through the positive effects of sports.

Ride4Rehab is a cycling event with 9 stages, in which wounded veterans will ride all the way across Denmark. The purpose of the event is two-folded. The first priority of the event is to give a group of wounded veterans a unique and uplifting experience through the use of sports. The second purpose is to shed light on the work that the Danish Olympic Committee does in regard to social responsibility, by helping a group of people that has paid a high price for Denmark.


The veterans will move through Denmark as one big group with a common goal. Based on its overall pace average, the group will then be divided into three smaller groups to fit the capabilities of all participants. The veterans will be joined by a great support team of experienced cyclists, psychologists, mechanics and many more. In addition to the support team, a wide variety of politicians, actors, athletes and other interesting people will be joining to show their support for our veterans.

The Route for 2021

The 9 stages of the tour in 2021 has just been announced and will for the firm time take the veterans through the lovely area around south of Fyn and Lolland Falster.

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Pictures frome the previous tours 

Ride4Rehab for thee third time

Ride4Rehab is a lot more than a just cycling event taking place once every third year. Ride4Rehab is based on local cycling groups from all over Denmark, in which veterans can come together on a weekly basis to socialize and enjoy some time on the roads in a safe environment. It is within these local training groups that the foundation for great fellowship is laid.


The local sports communities for veterans are what we call: Safe Zones.















We encourage all participating veterans to join our Facebook community for veterans only, where we can share our common passion of cycling. Here we can post our rides, the newest gear and a lot more. Join the Ride4Rehab group.




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